Halloween tote bag pre-designed CSC original frankenstein bulk wholesale tote bag

SKU: small-tote-hwn-003

This bag comes DECORATED but is not PERSONALIZED (that's for you to add for your customers)! ⬅ If you are looking for blank bags, please click here. 

😍😍 This is a CSC original design (meaning the only place you can purchase this bag blank is from us!!)  This helps decrease the amount of overlap in your selling channels and gives your customer fresh options!  Recommended retail price $25-30.

Product Name
Small Shopping Bag
Item Number
15" tall (not including handles) x 14"
Natural Linen
Printing Parameter
 215°C(400°F) 45 Seconds

These bags are 100% polyester and perfect for sublimation!  The quality will absolutely not disappoint even your pickiest of customers!