Meet our Squad

Hey - over here - you’re not going to want to miss this fun stuff:

We know you have a LOT of choices when it comes to sourcing your business. That’s why our main goal is supplying you with the best blanks at the best prices. (Don’t worry, we hear that little voice in your head, eyes rolling and all, saying, “whatever, everyone says that...”).

...And, you’d be right, but stick with us, you’ve come this far...the big difference at CSC is that we are not only talking the talk, we’re walking the walk, too...

Bad metaphors aside, we get you and we see you! After 12 years in the gift production industry, we grew tired of limited access to fast shipping, high quality, in stock blanks. We’ve shopped it all and ultimately realized sourcing ourselves was the best way to go for both quality and price.

We can’t wait to be a part of your biz squad and you a part of ours.

Let’s do this...