Looking for template files to make your life a lot easier? Look no further - most files are set up for photoshop, illustrator and basic .png files.  If you can't find something that works for your setup, shoot as an email and we'll be happy to help!

Here are the templates for sublimation productions:

Ornament Templates

Mask Templates

Hand Sanitizer Templates

Puzzle Templates

Garden Flag Templates

Skinny Can Coolers


Sublimation Settings

Recommended sublimation settings for Masks, Pillows, Bags, Puzzles, Can Coolers, Key Chains, Ornaments, Stockings & Flags

  • Preheat heat press to 395°F. 
  • Set pressure to Medium/Medium Heavy. 
  • Set press time to 35-40 sec. 
  • Place Teflon sheet or parchment on the bottom platen of your heat press. 
  • Clean the surface of the product with a lint roller to remove any fibers. 

 If the item has wrinkles or creases in the fabric, prepress with no transfer attached for 5-10 sec. to avoid blurriness or ghosting issues during image transfer. 

*These are all basic recommended starting points for sublimation on most products.  Your press temperature and time will vary depending on your specific press.  Some substrates such as thick materials and large metals will require more time.